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About Besla

Besla emerged from a group of people who collectively decided to convert a series of diesel ships to electric boats. After this was successfully completed (these 8 boats are now sailing around as electric boats and are used for the "Elfstedentocht". For sailing holidays " in Friesland) we came with the decision to also design new electric boats. There was already quite some experience in the group -and there were also a team with 35 years of experience in the group in shipbuilding, but this was the first time that we decided to build a ship from scratch focused on electric sailing.

This means a specially designed underwater hull was created, weight was saved and resistance became better, with the consideration of electricity consumption, and many other things. This is how the Besla 1100 came into being, soon followed by the Besla 715, and then the Besla 1300 and 1500. We are proud to now, that we’re able to offer boats that are fully equipped for environmentally friendly, quiet, luxurious and safe.

Safe Boating

There are currently three options for recharging:
1) via shore power and charging station - Charging stations can be found in marinas, among other places.
2) via a generator on board
3) via solar panels

In more and more places in Europe only electric powered boating is allowed - either now or in the near future.

Safe sailing also means being able to keep on sailing!

Besla Models


Use of strong durable Lithium-Ion batteries gives you maximum efficiency in charging and discharging. The Lithium-Ion batteries can be quickly recharged and the number of charge cycles is higher than conventional batteries.

The batteries can be charged by using charging poles with a maximum of 32 Amps. Fitted models are equipped with 3 Multiplus battery chargers, this gives you the possibility to charge faster.

There are currently three options for charging:
-via shore power and charging station
-via an on-board generator
-via solar panels

Loading bollards can be found in marinas and municipal moorings. These are usually maximum fused with 16 Amps. Multifunctional loading bollards are also installed to provide 32 Amps of power. This facility will soon be available in the near future. The Besla is already prepared for it!

In case you don’t have a charging station at your service, you will always have the certainty of a range extender/generator. This ensures sufficient power on board.

If you decide to install solar panels on deck, you can receive free energy generated by using the sun. These solar panels provide between 10-15% of the total energy supply.


Enjoy naturally clean, silent sailing with perfect sailing characteristics, combined with plenty of living space, provided with exceptional versatility.

All equipment is continuously provided with 230 Volt. Three Multiplus inverter/battery chargers provide sufficient energy. This intelligent Multiplus system regulates the required power on board together with shore power, battery and generator.

- Configuration and monitoring of your systems can be controlled remotely.
- The storage space on deck is suitable for folding bikes, fishing rods, etc.
- The installation of a wheelhouse with convertible tent is optional.

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The Besla 1100, 1300 and 1500 models are standard equipped with 2 48V motors, each with 10 kW at 1200 rpm. By placing 2 motors you can easily manoeuvre. With 2 motors you have a left and a right turning screw which you can operate independently.

The advantage of saving energy is even greater with 2 motors. Because two propellers are installed, less power will be needed for a certain speed, which gives you extra range and therefore longer sailing time.

A whisper-quiet bow thruster is also installed. This makes it very easy to correct and moor.

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This steering console is easy to use and a complete package. In addition to a sporty steering wheel, the Besla has an on-board computer, dual engine controls and a joystick to control the bow thruster.

The on-board computer is equipped with all the technical inputs and outputs necessary for sailing and a stay on board.

Sending and receiving email: you could easily search for port information or getting a weather report by using the internet that is on board.

If you regularly spend time on your boat, you want it to be just as easily accessible as your home. On the water you can rely on the mobile internet communications.

All your media are directly connected to the internet. A router connects all your devices to your own Wi-Fi network. The router easily switches between 4G or hotspot networks.

With a SIM card you can stream without worries and can watch your favorite programs or listen to Spotify. Throughout Europe you can use mobile internet with a super fast 4G internet connection at an affordable rate.

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The Besla models can be furnished in various designs. The colours and materials are very diverse and we will be happy to help you compose them all together with you. Each Besla is unique and will have its own identity.

Besla models
- Besla 1100 (4-6 people) *
- Besla 1300 (8 people)
- Besla 1500 (10 people)

* The Berry 1100 has both a rental- and owner layout

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Besla is not only about technique but also about a perfect lifestyle. A very spacious layout with modern furnishings create a homely feel.

The salon has a spacious sitting area and has a kitchen with panoramic view. By opening the sliding roof you can increase your living space in combination with the spacious aft deck. The skipper is at your service at all times. If you steer on the aft deck you can make contact with your fellow passengers.

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A beautiful view when waking up to a new beautiful day! Next to the panorama window with a small porthole for ventilation.

The sleeping rooms can be used to their maximum capacity. You can choose between single or double bed rooms.

In the bow of the boat you can find a spacious double bed with plenty of storage space in the two wardrobes.

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A luxurious bathroom with toilet and shower completes it all! Because of its contemporary shape, the Besla has a headroom of approx. 2 meters in both bathrooms and sleepingrooms.

Brand Besla
Type Besla 1100 Luxury
Shipyard Built Besla Koudum Nederland
CE Category C
Length overall 10,94 m
Length of Waterline 10,68 m
Overall Width 3,86 m
Waterline Width 3,65 m
Depth 0,68 m
Headroom 2.30 m
Water Displacement 12,8 ton half load
Dieseltank 170 L
Water Tank 500 L
Black Water/ Waste Water Tank 185 l (PE Kunststoff)
Hull Shape Multi knikspant
Hull Material Staal
Hull/Deck Plate Thickness 4 mm
Plate Thickness Keel 15 mm
Cruising Speed in Knots 5,4 knopen= 10 km
Top Speed in Knots 7,6 knopen= 14 km

Sitting Area (Steel Bench and Hatches)
Pillows Bench
Stainless Steel Bollards
Glazing(Double Glazing with Thermal Bridge Break
Rear Deck Covering (Flexiteek 2G)
Windshield(Lexan Glass Unbreakable)
Escape hatch dormitory for Vetus flight / ventilation hatch Altus model 3 GIP 420 mm
Steering console (Display, steering wheel, engine controls and bow thruster joystick)
Navigation Lights

Bathroom With Shower
Electric Toilet
Window Eclipse

Optional Model Exclusive
Extended Bathing Ladder
Wheelhouse Shelter
Convertible/Sun Tent
Depth Gauge
Solar Panels(2kwh)
2 Series of 2 Additional Lithion-Ion Batteries
(2x2 pcs 24V/180Ah)
Screw LH 16" 4 bladschroef
Screw RH 16" 4 bladschroef
Propeller shaft water-lubricated diameter 30 mm
Flexible coupling Centaflex CF-M-127-1.4-30 mm met klembus 30 mm
Engines 2x Fischer Panda 48V met easybox control 1200 rpm
Power 2x 10 kW
Propeller Shaft System Blockland Optiprop GRP L 500 mm schroefaskoker
Rudder Shaft System Blockland Buitenkoker L=225 mm/Easystern Y RG7 roerkoker
Book Screw BOPRO 90 kgf proportioneel AC zonder koolborstel
Batteries Bow Thruster 2x Yellow top AGM 12 V 105 ah
Anchor System Elektrisch Vetus Maxwell HRFCFF8
Power Supply 24V-230V
Loading 16-32 A laadpaal via Multiplus laders
Batteries Lithium 24V/180Ah 2x4 stuks Victron Li-ion
Action Radius ca. 6 - 8 uur op volle accu's
Multiplus Battery Chargers 3x 5000 W 24V
Hybrid Generator 6000 Watt AGT 8000 24V DC
Connection Control Yachtcontrol beeldscherm 17"-21'
Internet Connection 4G - WiFi met onbeperkt dataverbruik Nederland
Heating Air Eberspacher 5 basic

Kitchen and Lounge
Sitting Area WIth Panoramic View
Fridge/Freezer (60L)
Washbasin With Hot/Cold Water
Induction Hob
Hot Water Boiler (75L Vetus Boiler)
Floor Covering (cardec or Optionally PVC)

Bedroom to Bathroom
2 Beds WIth Storage Space
Storage Cabinet on the Wall
Sliding Door
Window Eclipse

Bedroom in Bow
2 Person Freestanding Bed
Wardrobes With Wall Bracket
Opening Door
Escape Hatch
Window Eclipse


Besla 1300

De Besla 1100 is ook verkrijgbaar als Besla 1300 - 2 meter langer.

De indeling zou dan als volgt kunnen zijn (vrije indeling mogelijk):

Besla 1500

De Besla 1100 is ook verkrijgbaar als Besla 1500 - 4 meter langer.

De indeling zou dan als volgt kunnen zijn (vrije indeling mogelijk):

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Besla 715 Elegantia

Vripack Yacht Design has put together a contemporary design, striking elements and a beautiful and spacious cockpit with a large front and aft deck.

The Besla boats have a specially designed underwater hull, partly because of this there is a very low water resistance that has been realized, so you can sail longer on the electric engine.

At 6 km/hour you can continue sailing for 24 hours (tested).

At 9 km/hour you can continue sailing for 7 hours (tested).

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Enjoy the natural clean and silent sailing with perfect sailing characteristics. The Besla 715 models are standard equipped with a powerful electric motor that runs on 48 Volt. Our suppliers only work with high end durable materials of the highest quality.

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Besla does not only stands for the best technology but also goes for the perfect lifestyle on the water. With a very spacious layout, modern furnishings that create joy on the waters.

Characteristics Besla 715 Elegantia
Brand: Besla
Type: Besla 715 Elegantia
Shipyard: Besla Koudum Nederland
CE category: D
Length Overall: 7,15 m
Waterline Length: 7,0 m
Overall Width: 2,60 m
Draught: 0,60 m
Hull Material: Aluminium
Topspeed: 8-10 Knots
Engine: Vetus Rim drive
Power: 9,5 KW/48V
Connection Control: Yachtcontrol beeldscherm 17"-21'
Book Screw: BOPRO 90 kgf proportioneel AC zonder koolborstel
Power Supply: 24V-230V
Charging: 16 A walstroom
Batteries: Lithium 24V/180Ah
2 stuks Victron Li-ion
Internet Connection: 4G - WiFi with unlimited data usage Netherlands
DOWNLOAD Besla Brochure Model 715

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